Byfleet Methodist Church

Bringing Christ to the Community

Prayer Diary


Sun 1  Methodist New Year:  pray for all who attend worship today throughout the connexion

Mon 2   Give thanks for the wonderful love God shows to us every day

Tue 3     For Tuesday Fellowship and all friendships

Wed 4    For children returning to school and all those moving to new schools or colleges

Thu 5     Pray for those in residential homes and for all carers

Fri 6       Praise God for small kindnesses from unexpected     people

Sat 7      Pray for the elimination of prejudice and discrimination wherever it occurs

Sun 8     For Julia Monaghan as she leads worship

Mon 9    Give thanks for Christians we have known who have encouraged us in our faith

Tue 10    Thanks for volunteers who maintain our church buildings

Wed 11    Give thanks for foodbanks and clothing banks; pray for those who use them

Thu12      For those who are worried about family members and family situations

Fri 13      Pray for Dave as he prepares to lead Sunday worship

Sat 14      Heritage Weekend: pray for all who come on church premises that they will be curious about Jesus

Sun 15      For all attending our Harvest Festival service; pray too for the evening circuit service

Mon 16      For a fairer sharing of resources across the world

Tue 17       For those who are unwell at home or in hospital or awaiting diagnosis

Wed 18      For refugees and people with no place to call home

Thu 19       Pray for all members of the circuit meeting as they meet  this evening

Fri 20          For wisdom and compassion for world leaders and all who have influence over the lives of others

Sat 21        Place your needs and concerns into God’s hands in quiet prayer

Sun 22       Pray for Dave Paterson as he leads worship

Mon 23      Pray that we become more effective witnesses of the gospel message

Tue 24       Give thanks to God for one thing he has given you

Wed 25      Pray for those persecuted for their faith

Thu 26       Challenge yourself to pray for those you find difficult to love

Fri 27         For all children and young people, and those in special need of care and support

Sat 28         For all prisoners and their families; for volunteer prison visitors

Sun 29        Pray for Keith Beckingham as he leads worship

Mon 30        For the unity of Christians and ecumenical relationships




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