Byfleet Methodist Church

Bringing Christ to the Community

Prayer Diary


Sat 13        For the coffee morning; for those who serve and conversations shared

Sun 14       For all attending worship around the circuit today, and for our service of Holy Communion 

Mon 15      Pray for those persecuted for their faith

Tue 16       Pray for all those attending the Circuit Meeting tonight

Wed 17      For those who are unwell at home or in hospital or waiting diagnosis

Thu 18       Pray for all school children especially remembering those who are moving on to secondary schools, colleges or university.

Fri 19         For wisdom and compassion for world leaders and all who have influence over the lives of others

Sat 20        For Parish Day; for all voluntary groups and societies in Byfleet who serve the local community

Sun 21       For Thelma Roberts as she leads worship this morning

Mon 22      For the unity of Christians and ecumenical relationships

Tue 23       Give thanks for church volunteers who maintain our church buildings   

Wed 24      Pray for the elimination of prejudice and discrimination wherever it occurs

Thu 25       Give thanks for the beauty of nature, God’s own creation

Fri 26         Challenge yourself to pray for those you find difficult to   love

Sat 27        Praise God for times of rest and relaxation

Sun 28       For Hilary Beckingham as she leads worship

Mon 29      Give thanks for Christians we have known who have encouraged us in the faith

Tue 30       For all children and young people, and those in special need of care and support

Wed 31      For those who are worried about family members and family situations



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